Purpose 目的

Sharing knowledge, to take the martial arts to a higher level. Bringing like-minded people together, learning together and supplementing knowledge in depth. Inside/outside, what is behind what you see, what happens to the body. Going back to the origin and purpose of a waza. Respect for each other, no egos and applying the bushido values. Studying culture and function of the body.

The ryu is only accessible for traditional minded dojos or people, transcending style. We care about the quality and not the quantity.

Structure 構造

Kenkyukai 研究会

Everyone who wants to join our ryu with his dojo starts as a kenkyukai, the first year is on probation.

Buin dojo 部員道場

After a period of at least 2 years, a kenkyukai can be recognised as a buin dojo. The instructor must be accredited by honbu and must show loyalty to the school.

Honbu dojo 本部道場

The honbu instructors will ensure that everyone meets the objectives/conditions and decide whether a group can join the ryu as kenkyukai or be promoted to a buin dojo.

For more information you can contact us by mail: info@naigairyu.be