SEIKI – energy

The word “energy” is a translation of the oriental words Qi (from China), Ki (from Japan) or Prana (from India). It is related to, but not exactly the same as, the scientific concept of energy. The word energy used in our context is something that essentially needs to be felt. Science will emphasize objective measurement and avoid personal observation. We will try to perceive, feel and direct the energy ourselves.

We use the energy both healing/restorative to help someone and blocking to disable/weaken someone.

指圧     Shiatsu – pressure point massage

Shiatsu is originally an Eastern folk medicine, based on the principle that disturbances in the muscles, nerves and organs reveal themselves in the network of meridians through wich life energy flows. In Japan the life energy is called “ki” and in China “chi”. In the sixth century AD, classical Chinese healing methods were introduced to Japan by Buddhist monks. There, Chinese massage techniques were further developed. The became known in Japan as anma. In Japan, anma has been a traditional system of treatment passed down from parent to child for hundreds of years.

Beside shiatsu we also study zen stretching, sot and other related techniques.

示現流    Jigen ryu – first aid

Jigen ryu is a technique to relieve pain from injuries and accelerate the recovery process.

真向法     Makko-ho – Masunaga’s zen stretching 

Zen stretching allows you to rebalance your energy. Zen stretching is based on a series of sensory exercises, self-stimulation and diagnosis of the acupuncture meridians, allowing for a health check and appropriate treatment.